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FK Sportseat Auto Bucket seats Set in Motorsport-look
FK Sportseat Auto Bucket seats Set in...
FK Automotive offers sports seats in many designs and colors at affordable prices. The FK sports seats are universal, and very high-quality workmanship available in many great designs. There are many color combinations such as black /...
205.66€ *
FK Sports car bucket seat set in Retro-Look
FK Sports car bucket seat set in Retro-Look
- Colour: black, white stitching - bucket seat in Retro-Look - Set consists of 1xR+1xL - with no T?V certificate - upholstery: artificial leather - for pure nostalgia Feeling - timeless elegance
153.41€ *
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Sports seats & belts

The seat plays a crucial role in your vehicle. There are different models for each purpose.

A sport seat, also known as a bucket seat, with its curved shape and reinforced materials provides optimum support for curvy rides.

In addition, sport seats are usually made of particularly lightweight, yet very robust components to save weight and still provide stability. Sport and bucket seats have special harness systems to ensure the highest possible safety. In addition, these seats can be adjusted individually.

Child seats must be secure, provide stability and comply with the statutory rules and standards. You will find in our assortment a selection of different seats to offer your children the best possible protection in their vehicle.